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01 USD and is down 0. ZCL is still falling as we get closer to the fork. Getting Your Bitcoin Private. The Bittrex handling of ZCL was a disaster and true chaos.

Fork exchange support. A successful breakout will likely result in a new support area of $ 120- $ 140. Bittrex will credit the ZEN tokens enable the market when wij the ZEN team agree the fresh proof of work mining network is stable.

Yes so to receive Bitcoin private i need to buy zcl on bittrex , if you hold ZCL at the time of the fork you will get 1 BTCP free Camplicated Tel Год назад thanks for the video than when the fork is done - i will have bicoin private on the bittrex account? Bittrex zcl fork.

Bittrex just released a statement of support for the ZenCash fork from Zclassic at block 110, 000 on their website:. Zclassic is a fork of Zcash: decided to take another path by removing the 20% fee.

You’ re bound to find it on Bittrex. If $ 130 is tested it fails to break through expect another drop into the $ 95- $ 110 range until more news is released , Bittrex allows more veral major exchanges have announced that they will support this fork will be crediting holders of ZClassic ( ZCL) with the new bitcoin private coins. Zclassic Holders Will Get Bitcoin Private ( BTCP) After the Fork! BTCP developers want to do more testing.

ZClassic ( ZCL) and Bitcoin ( BTC) will be hard forking into Bitcoin Private ( BTCP) sometime in January. As the price of ZCL has dropped sharply, bagholders have expressed their anger at Bittrex’ slowness to act. Bittrex Support for the ZEN hardfork. The plan is that owners of both Bitcoin ( BTC) and ZClassic ( ZCL) will receive Bitcoin Private ( BTCP) in a 1: 1 ratio upon the snapshot of the network.
Bittrex had announced there would be a 15- minute pre- fork snapshot lock on ZCL wallets as they sorted out issues related to the fork. Bittrex Review – One Critical Issue You Need to Know About. ZClassic ( ZCL) development team announced the double fork to ZCL blockchain and BTC blockchain that would occur 2 days after the Snapshot. Thanks for watching!

Hence if you hold 1 BTC one ZCL you will then have the right to two Bitcoin Private ( BPI). Miners are simply earning their fair reward we believe they deserve it the coin development can be supported by the community. We saw this recently with the increase in price of Litecoin and the Litecoin cash fork as well as the rally in Bitcoin last November on the SegWit2X rally. Bittrex zcl fork.

ZClassic has a current supply of 6 110 750 ZCL. Bittrex haven' t announced support so you have to hold it in the ZCL wallet , an exchange that supports the fork like Kucoin. If you were like me bought Zclassic on Bittrex prior to the BTCP fork you might have ran into some serious issues! Under the rules of the fork there will be an airdrop of Bitcoin private in a 1: 1 ratio to both Bitcoin Zclassic holders. The latest Tweets from Bittrex Bittrex is a global leader in the blockchain revolution.

Thus buying holding on Bittrex, for example many not be enough ( there is no way. It is currently trading on 7 active market( s) with 37, 766 USD traded over the last 24 hours. Bittrex has already previously supported a ZCL fork. Bittrex is still not offering support for a BTCP market but is now enabling the coin to show up in wallets, in what it.

The Best Cryptocurrencies for Feb. The coin doubled its price once again in seven days, reaching above $ 198.

For those unaware ZCL is a decentralised open- source cryptocurrency launched in November as a fork of Zcash. ZCL to BTCP Has Amazing Potential. Zclassic ( ZCL) plans to fork Bitcoin ( BTC) to create Bitcoin Private ( BTCP).

ZCL is 818, for the umptieth time, once again , measured by trading volume which is at 2 813. Already Bittrex one of the largest exchanges in the world has released a statement to the effect that it will be crediting all ZClassic holders with the new coins.

If you own zclassic bitcoin during the snapshot you will receive Bitcoin Private in the ratio of 1: 1. One example is the recent Zclassic ( ZCL. The main driver behind the coin' s ascent is the previously announced hard fork, Bitcoin Private. Users are able to generate ZCL through the process of mining. Claiming BTCP Coins. ZClassic ( ZCL) is a cryptocurrency. The ZClassic coin will be migrated to become a Bitcoin hard- fork “ Bitcoin Private” or “ BTCP” by dropping.

I wasn' t able to confirm it myself but many sources on Twitter and in Telegram said the Bittrex ZCL wallet was in maintenance for about an hour around 1am EST this morning ( 22 Feb). This is what is known as an airdrop.

The last known price of ZClassic is 1. Zclassic holders Bitcoin Holders will get Bitcoin Private ( BTCP), you need to hold Zclassic Bitcoin for the fork. We look forward to a cooperative future 💪 ️. ( ZCL) is the exact protocol the BTCP hard fork will be utilising which is the third version of the ZeroCoin. They claimed they would be “ partially” supporting the fork but made no guarantees of users to expect tokens due to a lack of a “ fully supported wallet”. The total circulating supply for BTCP will be 18 000 ( Supply BTC + Supply ZCL) with a max supply of 21 million BTCP.
However at the time of writing this ( approximately 10 hours later) Bittrex ZCL wallets are still offline. Circulating BTC = 17 million, Circulating ZCL = 2 million. If $ 130 is tested and it fails to break through expect another drop into the $ 95- $ 110 range until more news is. When Zclassic trading was enabled again after the fork, ZCL re- opened at.

As the fork process comes into effect the amount of Zclassic , bitcoin in a wallet is duplicated is known on that wallet as Bitcoin Private. There’ s just one problem: 93% of all zlcassic ( ZCL) is on Bittrex exchange, which until today had neglected to pass comment on whether it would support the fork. But this time, if you own ZClassic ( ZCL) at time of fork then you also get BTCP.

ZClassic ( ZCL), itself a fork from ZCash. So for example if you had one of each the formula would be: 1 BTC + 1 ZCL = 2BTCP.

Or can i use a ledger nano wiith a. The new fork is said to include: - Replay Protection - ZK- SNARKs ( zero knowledge proofs. BTCP Coins will be distributed on a 1: 1 ratio.

I can understand the BTC owners getting it, since all the UTXOs in the Bitcoin ledger would naturally be spendable on the new chain. On an exchange like Binance or Bittrex. Example: ( 1 ZCL = 1 BTCP. I' m hodling zClassic in a wallet I own the private keys for depositing to Bittrex as soon as their wallet comes online ( usually goes into maintenance during a supported fork) selling all my valuation of ZCL when BTCP fork?

Note: Bittrex will be closing our ZCL wallet and market within two hours of the fork block to take. The fact that ANON will be handed out in a 2 ANON for 1 ZCL while having a 1: 1 ratio with Bitcoin implies that there is an intentional effort to make people buy more ZCL drive its price up before the fork launch.

Make sure to have the coins in your wallet to receive BTCP. The official snapshot date for the Zclassic/ Bitcoin Private fork is said to be on February 28,. ZClassic from $ 2 to $ 218 says the upcoming Bitcoin Private fork may be a success.

ZCL’ s only major exchange it is listed on is Bittrex, but Bittrex is yet to announce if they will support the fork. ZCL is being taken over by ZCL Classic CE. Bittrex zcl fork. ZClassic ( ZCL) even now is not a proposition for the faint- hearted. Bittrex zcl fork. The ZCL Market Price Surges toward $ 200 as the Bitcoin Private hard fork is expected at any moment in January. The supply is 19 000 BTCP ( supply BTC + supply ZCL).

For now it is not recommended to hold ZCL BTC on bittrex as it is still unclear if they will support the fork not. There is still 2 weeks before the fork. 26 ADX, ETC, ZCL, PRL, HIRE VEN).
Bittrex zcl fork. A snapshot date will announced soon. Follow us for all Bittrex product & service announcements. It is the latest such snapshot of the coin that is itself a hard fork of the Zcash ( ZEC) coin.

The announcement also disclosed that the ZCL Classic CE team was taking over the crypto’ s affairs. Please note that you’ ll likely need to hold Zclassic in a Zclassic wallet to be privy to this thus buying , holding on Bittrex, for example may not be enough. So expect fork in late February or early March. Tough to buy alts when BTC is in a downtrend but patience pays off.
48 % over the last 24 hours. ) ( 1 Bitcoin = 1 BTCP. So far none of the large exchanges have announced support have been pulling our balances down from the likes of Bittrex to local wallets, but a lot of folks, including myself to ensure we will be rewarded the BTCP equivalent. BTCP may have a nice surprise this.
Can we hold zcl on bittrex? If your goal is to own Bitcoin Private as they are currently going for around $ 100 while Bitcoin’ s are selling for around $ 8, your best bet is to obtain Zclassic 000.

The ZenCash ( ZEN) network is anticipated to launch on May 23rd at 5pm PDT ( 0: 00 UTC) as a hard fork from Zclassic ( ZCL). ) The total combined amount of ZCL and BTC you own at the time of the snapshot will grant you eligibility to claim the same combined amount in Bitcoin Private. Zclassic fork coming soon, how to get your free bitcoin private coins! 78 at the time of this writing.

56% of ZCL available for trading is being traded on Bittrex. While the fork wasn’ t ready by Christmas eve the date for the snapshot will likely be near mid January , development is currently under progress the end of January.

The fork date has yet to be released but some huge gains are already being made on ZCL the coin was under $ 5 a month ago, at current price it' s setting at around $ 230 there doesn' t seem to be any slowing down. They will announce a date in coming weeks but it will be 4 weeks before the fork.

The Snapshot was taken at a specific time when a specific block had been successfully mined on the February 28 ensuring the fork was complete. This is indeed surprising as pre hardfork coins are usually known to rally.

Then there' s this. So ZCL has been on a crazy ride this last week or so with the fork coming tomorrow.
Bittrex is ZCL’ s biggest listing exchange – 93.

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Bitcoin Private ( BTCP) is a proposed " fork" of Zclassic ( ZCL), combining the Unspent Transaction Output ( UXTO) set of ZCL with the UXTO' s of Bitcoin ( BTC). The UXTO snapshots are considered the first ZCL and BTC blocks found after February 28th, 5pm UTC. Bittrex will credit the ZEN tokens and enable the market when we and the ZEN team agree the new proof of work mining network is stable.

The ZCL market will be re- enabled and all orders cancelled within 24 hours after the fork block. ZCL: $ 160 Probable Before BTCP Fork ( 68% Increase) Comment: About to test ATH at $ 130.

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